Pick What You Pay - Monthly Subscription

Telesangha is a small organization of folks who share a common goal of helping people like you deepen their meditation practice.  Our goal is to make having a regular meditation practice a little bit easier and therefore hopefully the world a little bit better.   We are not trying to make a billion dollars and get acquired by some giant public company.   

Because of our highly human approach our costs are not easily comparable to the traditional meditation apps that rely heavily on technology.  We not only want to help you deepen your practice but to provide financial support to meditation teachers.  We also would like to provide our team a fair wage and provide you with the best quality experience.  All of these things are only possible with your support.   

Your compassion and generosity help us continue to do this great work.   We want this service to be accessible to as many people as possible at all income levels.  Your contribution helps validate the time and energy your teacher and our internal team spend on creating this program.  

The breakdown for your monthly contribution:

  • Scholarship*: $12.95 (base) + $0 (for teacher) + $0 (for charity)= $12.95
    • *This a financial aid tier, and quantities are limited. Your teacher is donating their time. 
  • Minimum: $12.95 (base) + $15 (for teacher) + $2 (for charity)= $29.95
  • Standard:  $12.95 (base) + $45 (for teacher) + $2 (for charity)= $59.95
  • Supporter: $12.95 (base) + $70 (for teacher) + $2  (for charity) = $84.95


Current charity: Minds, Inc - supports mindfulness in schools

At the Standard level your teacher would make $1.75 per session.  

At the Support level your teacher would make $3.50 per session.  

Average member payment: $45


Your contribution is an act of generosity and a portion of all monthly subscription fee’s supports bringing mindfulness into schools.  With telesangha we want the payment process to also be part of your practice and something you enjoy and look forward to.   It can be hard to decide what amount is appropriate so we thought it best to share with you some comparisons to give you a sense of what a unique service like this is worth.  Ultimately it is worth the value that you get out of it.  If you are worried about what amount you select, don’t worry  you’ll also have the ability to increase your contribution in the future if you choose to.

Don’t let money be a deterrent, sign-up at the level you feel good about and that will allow you to start the program without money related stress.  We don’t want you to stress out about paying for a program where one of the benefits is reducing stress!

Costs, compared:

  • Two hours of therapy ($129 / hour): $258

  • A monthly gym membership ($80) with 2 trainer sessions ($120):  $200

  • One month daily Coffee Shop Latte ($4.25 a day): $127.50