"Telesangha has been instrumental to my development of a regular meditation practice, when compared to my handful of failed attempts in the past. The group support is invaluable. I would recommend Telesangha to anyone who inspires to deepen their practice – it really works!” – Dona Chen



“What an ingeniously simple way to get social support to meditate more frequently! Heartily recommend to anyone looking to improve the consistency and community around their meditation efforts.” -  Vikram Surya Chiruvolu




“This is a great way to develop a routine and discipline for your meditation practice. If you want a new habit to stick, you need support to do it – and Telesangha provides that community and that support. ” – Aquene Freechild



“This is the first time I’ve effectively/consistently meditated, kept my promise to myself about this area of my life, and had FUN doing so.” -  Jacqui Cosgrove