How it works

Telesangha meets you where you are and makes forming a daily meditation habit easier.   You sign up for a group from the options below. To kick things off you will have a group orientation call where you get to meet your teacher and other group members.  Once your have gone through orientation the program starts. 

Daily from Monday - Friday you meditate with your teacher and your group.   You actively meditate and we help keep track of this for you. Your phone rings at the time you signed up for  and when you answer your phone you are connected.  Your group will be live and together for that same time slot daily.  When you're not together live you are still connected.  You, your teacher, and your group members are all part of a private email list group.  Direct from your regular email program you can send and receive group messages.  

Telesangha is simple, easy to use, and designed with the singular intention to help you meditate daily.   Hundreds have used the program and over three years the system has been continuously improved for optimal results.