Pick What You Pay - Monthly Subscription

Telesangha is a small organization of folks who share a common goal of helping people like you deepen their meditation practice.  Our goal is to make having a regular meditation practice a little bit easier for you. We are not trying to make a billion dollars and get acquired by some giant public company.

Another central aspect of Telesangha is financially supporting our meditation teachers. Our teachers underwent extensive training and devoted themselves to hosting your meditation group day in and day out. We would like to provide our hard-working teachers a fair wage. 

Lastly, we want this service to be accessible to people at all income levels. 

Because of our highly human approach our costs are not easily comparable to the traditional meditation apps that rely heavily on technology. 

Your monthly subscription has two parts:

Base contribution: $14.95

This goes towards supporting Telesangha’s core functions and systems. Every subscriber pays at least $14.95

Teacher contribution: variable

You choose how much you contribute to your teacher. To make Telesangha sustainable for our teachers and to make it comparable to other services (see below) we recommend $49.95 monthly. If that is beyond your means, we offer a $29.95 tier. We also have a $79.95 tier if you are able to support your teacher more substantially.


In line with our goal of making Telesangha accessible, we also offer a scholarship tier of just $14.95 per month. If you begin at this tier, we hope you will consider supporting your teacher once your financial circumstances change.


Don’t let money be a deterrent, sign up at the level you feel good about and that will allow you to start the program without money related stress.  We don’t want you to stress out about paying for a program where one of the benefits is reducing stress!

The breakdown for your monthly contribution:

  • Scholarship*: $14.95 
    • *This a financial aid tier. Your teacher is donating their time. 
  • Minimum: $14.95 (base) + $15 (for teacher) = $29.95
    • Your teacher would make approximately $.50 per session
  • Standard:  $14.95 (base) + $35 (for teacher) = $49.95
    • Your teacher would make approximately $1.75 per session
  • Supporter: $14.95 (base) + $65 (for teacher) = $79.95
    • Your teacher would make approximately $3.25 per session


Costs, compared:

  • Two hours of therapy ($129 / hour): $258
  • A monthly gym membership ($80) with 2 trainer sessions ($120):  $200
  • One month daily Coffee Shop Latte ($4.25 a day): $127.50

The contribution to a typical yoga or meditation class is $10 - $15 for a 90 minute session, or $3.33 - $5 for a half hour. 

  • $30 per month to Telesangha comes to $1.50 per 1/2 hour session. 
  • $50 per month to Telesangha comes to  $2.50 per 1/2 hour session. 
  • $80 per month to Telesangha, you are paying $4 per 1/2 hour session. 

At any of these levels, your contribution is less than or in line with other yoga or meditation offerings.