What is Telesangha? 

We make deepening your meditation practice easier by offering 30 minute, teacher-led meditation sessions, every weekday.

Meditation is not easy. Starting a regular practice is not easy, and keeping focused on deepening your practice when there are so many things competing for our time is not easy. With simple technology, a pool of live personal teachers, flexible times, lessons to deepen your understanding and all the benefits of being part of a small intimate group we make it easier and more fun.

Telesangha was created with the intention to help you deepen your meditation practice with the help of a community.


Science has shown that the major benefits of meditation come with some form of a regular practice.  We believe that regular practice is more fun and more successful with community.   We believe that the easier and more fun it is for you to establish a regular practice, the more likely you will.   

There is an incredible interest in mindfulness and meditation.  So many have come to know the benefits of meditation yet struggle to do it.  Telesangha is like having a live meditation teacher come to your house, knock on your door, at the time you pick, with  a group of meditators who have committed to joining you on path to deepened awareness.  It's like having a mindfulness personal trainer and being part of a cross-fit group for meditation without having to leave your home.