How would your life change if you meditated daily? 

Imagine... how would you show up in relation to others?  In relation to yourself?  How would this impact those close to you?  Your livelihood?  Your health?  You have seen the studies, you know the scientific research, and you've felt the benefits of meditating.  


You aspire to creating a daily meditation habit.

The Telesangha Experience 

You wake up, roll out of bed and start your morning routine.  Its 6:55am and you know at 7am your phone is going to ring.  This is the time you committed to honoring your meditation practice.   You settle into your meditation cushion and take a couple breaths.  7am your phone rings,  you answer and are instantly connected to your meditation coach, and eight others that have made the same commitment to meditating daily.  This is your daily meditation group.   You place the phone on speaker and set it off to the side.  You follow the instruction as your coach guides you through a secular mindful meditation.   Your coach and group are there to support you - providing structure, inspiration and accountability as you overcome the various stages of habit formation.   You remember when you first started how difficult it was but now how this time is sacred and a time you cherish daily. 

Why Telesangha? 


A certified mindful meditation coach offers secular guided meditations helping you cultivate awareness, focus and concentration. 

With a simple and ease to system your focus will be on developing your meditation habit. Not on cumbersome technology.

Your live meditation coach will guide you through meditation, and lead daily check ins. You're known by your name - not a user id.

You don't have to go anywhere to have a live group meditation experience.  Your coach and fellow meditators come to you daily.  

How it works

Telesangha meets you where you are and makes forming a daily meditation habit easier.   You sign up for a group from the options below.  To kick things off you will have a group orientation call where you get to meet your coach and other group members.   Once your have gone through orientation the program starts. 

Daily from Monday - Friday you meditate with your coach and your group.   You actively meditate and we help keep track of this for you.  Your phone rings at the time you signed up for  and when you answer your phone you are connected.  Your group will be live and together for that same time slot daily.  When you're not together live you are still connected.  You, your coach, and your group members are all part of a private email list group.  Direct from your regular email program you can send and receive group messages.  

Telesangha is simple, easy to use, and designed with the singular intention to help you meditate daily.   Hundreds have used the program and over three years the system has been continuously improved for optimal results.

Sessions Available

Coach lead- guided

A 20 minute meditation is lead by a certified mindful meditation teacher. All experience levels welcomed. 


  • 6:00 am ET
  • 6:30 am ET
  • 7:00 am ET
  • 7:30 am ET
  • 8:00 am ET
  • 8:30 am ET

peer lead - Silent

Groups are peer lead and practice a 20 minute silent meditation.  This option is available to experienced meditators.  


  • 5:30 am ET
  • 7:30 am ET
  • 10 pm ET

self Lead - SILENT

20, 30, and 40 minute silent meditation options are available. This option is available to experienced meditators. 


  • 6:00 am ET
  • 6:30 am ET
  • 7:00 am ET